About us

We are Producers, Consultants & Supplier of Exotic Vegetables to Five Star Hotels, Prestigious Clubs, Three / Four Star & other Hotels. We also sell to exclusive retail outlets in Mumbai as well as in other major cities in India. We have achieved success in production and marketing of Asparagus throughout the year. We proud that now bring you exotic fruits and vegetables grown in our own India earlier these were coming from East Asia, namely from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China.

We have also ventured into Consulting Services covering various aspects like sowing, plantation, drainage, handling, crop requirements to complete Farm Development. In the near future, Nisarg Nirman Agro has plans to venture into vermiculture and exotic fruits. Exports to other markets is also on the cards. In line with our expansion plan, we have procured some more farm land.

Since the fruits and vegetables are perishable items, we plan to process these items to ensure that they last longer. These products will be introduced in the market shortly. We also plan to produce some varieties of English vegetables, currently being imported. Our presence on the internet is an effort to explore international business associations and we invite inquiries in this regard.

Research & Development

  • We have our own farms at Bordi & Shahpur where we work for new developments.
  • Bordi is the place where we developed "Asparagus" for the first time
  • Kaffir lime, US lime, Thai variety guavas, various lettuces etc. we tried first on farm and then moved to other farmers.
  • Now we are working on Dragon fruit .. (need to add more)

Supply, Handling and Storage

  • We have a full-fledged office to handle marketing and corporate issues.
  • We have trained staff right from harvesting to delivery.
  • We do have cold storage at mumbai to store material, cold as well as normal vans for delivery purpose.
  • As per request of clients we can import or export exotic vegetables.

Farmers Training programe

We call farmers for training at our office or at our farm or at different places anywhere in India. We had also gone to Maldives to give training to farmers at Maldives as per invitation from

Fishery & Agriculture Minister's invitation

  • We have developed more than 300 farmers from various places throughout India.
  • We give them guidance to grow a quality production
  • We assign fix schedule of production to avoid access supply than demand.
  • We offer them buy back guarantee with fixed rates.

Agro tourism

  • We know Agro Tourism can be good supporting business activity to help farmer, make his land more sustainable.
  • We are developing our Shahapur farm as an Agro Tourism center by eyeing customers from Mumbai.