About Dri Frootz

In today’s fast paced world, there is a growing demand for healthy, natural & convenient foods. Ready-to-eat dried fruit is a perfect snack, providing nutrition, taste & convenience to Consumers.

General Benefits

  • Nutritious - Source of Vitamins & Fibre.
  • Ready to eat - No preparation required.
  • Long shelf life - 9 months to 1 year.
  • Easy storage - No refrigeration required.
  • Easy logistics - Can be easily transported everywhere and carried on person.
  • Tasty & appealing - Colour & flavour of the natural fruit is retained.
  • No added Colour or flavour.
  • Off season availability.
  • Fruits & Vegetables are storehouses of micronutrients such as Vita-mins & Minerals. To get maximum nutritional benefit, it is important to find ways, to eat more servings per day.


  • Eat drifrootzTM as a Ready-to-eat snack.
    Satisfy your craving for snacks, by eating healthy, nutritious food. Make it a part of your & kids, lunch box. Keep it in the glove compartment of your Car. Carry it in your Office bag.
  • Toss drifrootzTM into Breakfast cereals.
    Add drifrootzTM to Cornflakes, Oats, muesli to make your breakfast even more appetising & nutri-tious.
  • Pack drifrootzTM in your Bag while travelling.
    Unlike fresh fruits, drifrootzTM can be conveniently carried in your handbag, while travelling by Air, Road, Rail or Water.
  • Carry drifrootzTM on Hikes, Nature trails, Sports, Sightseeing & Vacations.
    Easy-to-carry, drifrootzTM are also high on Energy, Vitamins & Fibre.
  • Add drifrootzTM to your Desserts & Bakery items.
    Add drifrootzTM to Ice creams, Kheer, Pudding, Fruit salads, Cakes, Cookies, Pizza toppings.
  • Flavour your Tea with drifrootzTM.
    Dip drifrootzTM, along with Tea bag, to enjoy Fruit flavoured Tea. Can be used with Iced Tea, fruit juices & milkshakes.
  • Gift drifrootzTM to spread happiness & health.
    drifrootzTM are ideal for gifting during Festi-vals and Ceremonies.
  • Rehydration
    Dried Fruits can be rehydrated by dipping them in warm water for 20-25 mins.