Produce Name : Mangosteen

Availability : All Round the Year

Nick named the "Queen of the fruits", Mangosteens are considered one of the best tasting fruits available. Native to Malaysia and grown in South East Asia. The tree takes 12-15 years to begin to bear fruit. Considering this the fruits are expensive, but well worth the treat ! It has no relation to the mango, only the first part of its spelling. When ripe, the skin is a dark purple colour. The flesh is snow-white. It has smooth purple skin. The fruits are small and round. It tastes sweet, mildly acidic and scented.

Nutritional Facts

Mangosteen is high in Calcium, Phosphorous, vitamins B & C.

Medicinal / Therapeutic Use

To truly enjoy its unique flavour and dramatic presentation mangosteens are best served on there own.