Produce Name : Basil

Availability : All Round the Year

The shortly - stalked, egg shaped leaves, 1 to 2 inches long, are placed opposite to one another on the four-angled stem, the pairs being some distance apart. They are only slightly toothed at their edges and like the stem are downy with soft hairs.

Nutritional Facts

It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and C.

Medicinal / Therapeutic Use

Basil is antispasmodic, relieves or eases muscular spasms, cramps or convulsions; aromatic, having an agreeable odor and stimulating qualities; carminative, easing griping pains, colic and expelling gas from the intestines; galactagogue, encourages or increases the secretion of milk; refrigerant, lowers abnormal body heat, relieves thirst and gives a feeling of coolness; stomachic, strengthens, stimulates or tones the stomach; vermifuge, helps in expelling parasitic worms, especially of the intestines.