Baby Carrot

Produce Name : Baby Carrot

Availability : All Round the Year

Carrot is a hardy, cool-season biennial that is grown for the thickened root it produces. Carrots are eaten both raw and cooked and they can be stored for winter use. They are rich in carotene (the source of vitamin A) and high in fiber and sugar content.

Nutritional Facts

Carrots provide the highest content of vitamin A of all the vegetables. Brightly orange colored carrots contain carotenoids and flavonoids. These elements work with nutrients and dietary fiber to protect against disease. Beta-carotene found in carrots protects the body by decreasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness and certain types of cancer. The deeper the orange color, the more beta-carotene in the carrot.

Medicinal / Therapeutic Use

A super source of beta carotene, a powerful anticancer, artery-protecting, immune-boosting, infection-fighting antioxidant with wide protective powers. High doses of beta carotene, as found in carrots, substantially reduces odds of degenerative eye diseases (cataracts and macular degeneration) as well as chest pain (angina). The high soluble fiber in carrots depresses blood cholesterol and promotes regularity.