Lettuce Red Oak Leaf

Produce Name : Lettuce - Red Oak Leaf

Availability : All Round the Year

A Looseleaf that produces large heads of many oak-shaped leaves which turn a deep burgundy as they mature -- grow in full sun for deepest colour. Somewhat heat resistant, this is one of the most vigorous lettuces in cooler climates. Oak Leaf has thin tender light green or brown/red leaves shaped like oak leaves, which form a rosette. It forms intensive brown/red pigmentation under cool conditions with high light intensity. Red Oak has a ruffle leaf with a fairly nut-like flavour, used in all kinds of salads.

Nutritional Facts

The nutritional value of lettuce varies with the variety. Lettuce in general provides small amounts of dietary fiber, some carbohydrates, a little protein and a trace of fat. Its most important nutrients are vitamin A and potassium. The vitamin A comes from beta carotene, whose yellow-orange is hidden by green chlorophyll pigments. Beta carotene, of course, is converted to vitamin A in the human body.

Medicinal / Therapeutic Use

It is claimed that lettuce is an excellent remedy for acid indigestion and "heartburn." The bitter, milky latex sap is a mild narcotic and sleep inducer.