Snow Peas

Produce Name : Snow Peas

Availability : All Round the Year

The pods of snow peas are flat and thin with the bulge of the tiny seed barely visible at prime eating stage. The bright green pods should be turgid and crisp. They contain five to seven seeds and reach a length of two to three inches. The pods of sugar snaps are plump like regular English peas but are sweet and tender, thus eaten whole without being shelled, eaten raw or cooked.

Nutritional Facts

Snow peas provide vitamins A and C, iron and potassium. They are low in sodium. A 3 ounce serving, cooked and drained, contains 43 calories.

Medicinal / Therapeutic Use

Peas contain a chemical that helps to prevent infection of the appendix wall. Like other legumes, peas are high in purines, which can exacerbate gout in people and birds with this disease.